What´s this site about?

On this site you can upload your CSV files from CAKE, the DefiChain-Wallet or the DeFiChain-Portfolio App and convert them for your favourite Cointracker like Cointracking, Accointing, Blockpit.io oder Cryptotax. Or you can just generate an overview about your generated cashflow 🤑
Maybe it helps you as well... So please take a look around. Feedback is always welcome!

Drop your csv-Files to the drop-Zone. Options:
1. Generate Overview (to show the generated cashflow)
2. Cointracker Reports (Generates a report to import on your favorite Cointracker)

The prices are added on a daily basis. Powered by CoinGecko API

CAKE / DeFichain Rewardhelper

Although I´ve tested a lot, there may still be some bug, so use at your own risk! 😉
I would be happy if you use my CAKE, Cointracking or Accointing or Cryptotax Referal-Links!
Of course you can send me DFI-Token as well:

Drop your files here or just click...

Staking Report

Cointracker Reports

Reward Overview


2021 Q2
Refactoring of website:
a.) Rework handling of bigger files
b.) Handle all functions asynchronously.
c.) New Design (color, more clean)
d.) Support for multiple file types at the same time
Move website to a new provider with an independent domain and a more professional webhosting. This is necessary to add more features in the future.
Intensify the efforts to get the Cointracker-Plattforms to add a reasonable way to integrate liquidity mining.
2021 Q3
Website features:
a.) Add new Cointracker-Tools (koinly.io etc.)
b.) Add more possibilities to configure the report.
c.) Add different ways to handle the LM transactions
Development of a more specific testing framework to increase quality. Perform a specific code review on the website code.
Create pro-Accounts on the most important cointracker plattforms to increase testing capabilities.
2021 Q4
Website features:
a.) Add multilanguage support
b.) Continously integrate new features / updates
Release the website code on github to enable the community to help improving the website and integrate new ideas / feature and bugfixes.

About me

Hey there, my name is Marcus and this is my Web-Page. A couple of month ago, I started to learn web development with HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. So on this sites I try to enhance my skills 😎.