CAKE / DeFichain Rewardhelper

You can upload your CSV files from CAKE, the DefiChain-Wallet or the DeFiChain-Portfolio App and convert them for your favourite Cointracker. Or just switch to the direct blockchain-import via DFI.TAX!
Instruction: Just drop your csv-Files (or enter your DeFiChain-addresses), configure your report and hit download to generate the report!
The prices are added on a daily basis. Powered by CoinGecko API
Although I´ve tested a lot, there may still be some bug, so use at your own risk! 😉 (Donate?)

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Cointracker Reports

Reward Overview

Pricefeed & Stats

This section is about status information and prices. If you are using Cointracking as a cointracker tooling, you can manually enter the prices for the liquidity token to get the correct information about your portfolio!
So, the following table contains the actual prices for the liquidity token. Information are updated every 60 seconds and are powered by defichain´s ocean infrastructure API:


Website features:
a.) Add multilanguage support
b.) Increase features for configurating the report
c.) Increase responsivness of site
Add continously new feature and increase robustness of website!
Website features:
a.) Refactoring of the website
b.) New UI, APP like look and feel
c.) More to come...
Add continously new feature and increase robustness of website!

About me

Hey there, my name is Marcus and this is my Web-Page. A couple of month ago, I started to learn web development with HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. So on this sites I try to enhance my skills 😎.
Hopefully this website helps you as well. So please take a look around. Feedback is always welcome!

If you like the features of this website, I would be happy if you use my CAKE, Cointracking or Accointing Referal-Links!
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